April 07, 2021 2 min read

Introducing our new Wandering Book Club!

It's a book club on the move, encouraging exercise and community while offering a way to escape into pleasure. 


Each month we'll pick an audiobook to listen to while we get outside. The book themes will vary, and we're going to explore a variety of authors and points of views. But each one will hopefully make you feel good in the end!

At the end of the month, we'll host a discussion around the book by inviting guests to have a conversation. 
We also encourage you to form your own 'chapter' and hold your own discussions (and someday hopefully meet-ups!). 

Information about the book club will be posted on the Wandering Book Club blog, and sent in our book club newsletter. Sign up below to make sure you don't miss anything!

Why did we start the book club?

This past year has been HARD for everyone, and we wanted to offer an opportunity to take a few minutes out of your day to escape in a healthy, mindful way. Also, we wanted to connect with you on a more personal level! We'd love to use the book club as a way to bring together our community and engage with you in a way that often gets lost behind a screen. 

How do we choose the books?

Our first book was chosen based off the recommendations of various reviews and articles, but we're hoping you can help us choose the books moving forward. We'll ask you for your suggestions each month and do our best to select titles from a range of authors.  

While we're looking forward to having some fun and indulging in classic 'romance novel' tropes, we also recognize the traditionally hetero-normative nature of this genre and will be looking to feature a range of perspectives, voices and fantasies from month to month.

Got a suggestion? Email us!

We recommend checking out this great article by Ashley Ford about her re-discovery of the romance genre, and where we found inspiration for our first month's book choice:

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